Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wait. In the future, people might remember the movie Species for something other than Natasha Henstridge('s boobs)?

Ah the Chupacabra. More specifically, the Puerto Rican Chupacabra. Not the the mange ridden dog of south Texas.

Cryptomundo is showcasing a theory that links the Chupacabra to the movie Species. It basically says that this girl saw Species in 1995 in Puerto Rico and described a monster that looked like the one in Species, and begat the classic Chupacabra image (above above). The movie also began at the Arecibo observatory, which she noted in an interview. I like the theory, but agree with Mr. Coleman (Mr. Cryptomundo if you will) that it could be a little less confident in it's definitiveness.

Anyway, the Chupacabra has been a cryptozoological mystery because it's so new and there are two descriptions of it: it's a lizard alien, or it's a dog with fangs. The fact remains that some people report that their livestock has been bit on the neck and drained of blood. Is it a tactic of a known animal? Is it the work of crazy people? Who knows, but I love blaming pop-culture.

Here's a link to my favorite video from the last year or two. If there's a pop-culture to blame, it's viral cell-phone videos.

The sidling Argentinian gnome that makes the boys scream girlishly:

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