Monday, May 10, 2010

What's going on with the Pizzly Bear these days?

Yeah the pizzly bear is sweet. The rich hunting dude that shot the proving example in 2006 got fined about $1,000 because they said he had a permit for a polar bear, and it wasn't a polar bear. The guy was really pissed off, saying the only bear he thought it could have been was a polar bear. Canada might have a point though, in that it wasn't a polar bear and he shot an evolving species, even if it did prove it's existence. Now a guy in Ulukhaktok, N.W.T, shot a second generation Pizzly, who they say was half Pizzly half Grizzly. This has Canadians rallying for protection for Pizzlies. I think you should protect the rare large fauna of your home.
I'm sure a lot of Hoopa Indians wouldn't be happy if someone shot a Sasquatch.
"Muthafuckah shot Oh Mah? Someone needs to get got."
(I hate watching The Wire, but it really works it's way in there doesn't it?)

I can just see a future Disney movie about a young Pizzly cub looking for his soulmate/female Pizzly bear. Original songs by NeYo! (It's the future.)


  1. don't front on your blog. you love watching the wire.

  2. that dead pizzly looks like it should be in the rockafire explosion. also, i just saw a thing where the guy who made the rockafire explosion described animatronics as "everything in the universe put together."

  3. LINK PLEASE. My favorite Rockafire Explosion video mashup: