Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who's extremely gullible?

But I wore the juice...

I know no one reads the comments on here, but a mysterious Ryan pointed me to the source of the Sheep Throne. It's pretty good.


  1. a) I DO read the comments on here, and b) sheep throne is now the example that I'm going to cite anytime I find myself in a boring conversation about the internet being mean.

    also, shouldn't this sort of thing be handled by your ombudsman?

  2. Do you mean that it is mean? Because I find it hilarious. Here's a link to a recipe that I made up for a similar pranky reason, with extremely less awesome results.
    I really thought it would take off. Little did I know that everyone on the internet spells french toast "franch toast".

  3. The meanness is that I have been robbed of my belief in the sheep throne as a real object. Which makes me lose my faith in craigslist/humanity or something. It's like: if you auctioned off your kid's belief in santa claus on ebay. If the sheep throne doesn't exist, WHAT DOES ANYMORE.

    Which isn't to say not hilarious. Just that I am angry thinking about those heady days when I believed I would get to someday see an actual sheep throne.

  4. I guess what's mean is that it's a real object, and no one can have it.

  5. If I found out that the photograph of the sheep throne was a fake, then that'd be worse. As it is, I can take solace in the fact that: somewhere out there/beneath the pale moonlight/sheep throne's thinking of me/and loving me to-night...

    Also, I've moved on and turned most of my hopeful energy about things that are probably hoaxes to mokele-mbembe.

  6. I love mokele-mbembe, but my top hope besides sasquatch is the armor plated ground sloth of the amazon.