Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's the most extreme type of hunting I can think of?

Let's just put aside THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME (man), and think of other dangerous ways to hunt dangerous animals.

Is it honey hunting in southern India?

Or in Nepal?

Or honey hunting in Bangledesh, where they get eaten by tigers?

So yeah, hunting wild honey looks pretty dangerous everywhere, because it involves climbing, smoke, and thousands of bees. Even this video of getting honey in Zambia, which makes it look pretty easy, still looks dangerous.

But no, the answer is not honey hunting.
The answer is hunting sperm whales with bamboo spears and small knives.

I first saw something about this when I was reading Moby Dick. Though the Daily Mail article I linked to calls the men who hunt Sperm Whales in the Savu Sea between Flores and Timor "stone age", it seems that the differences are minor (different spears and ropes, and they don't have a schooner following them for backup and pickup).
So um, do try to show me a more extreme (non- MOST DANGEROUS GAME) hunting scenario. There probably is one. I may have just thought of one... one that is very similar, but has an extra mind blowing twist to it: The Whales of Eden. It's my personal favorite whale story, and I will share it... TOMORROW.

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