Friday, June 18, 2010

Where's the range?

You don't need it. The range gets in the way of worship for the REAL (sexy) hero: the range hood!
If you were to guess where this product and advertising was made, Italy would be pretty high up on the list right?


Well, at least we've come a long way.
No more crazy abusive ads like these (stolen off of an old boingboing post of course):Yup. We've come a long way. From portraying the ideal consumer as conqueror to portraying the ideal consumer as a smug Iago, like the guy in the Twix commercials:

At least now ladies get to be smug about shit too...
So, um, YAY for women and pooping and not beating them and BOO for suggestive hood vent ads and smug fuckfaces. But also YAY for residential hood vents, because they rule.

Who invented the residential hood vent?
A) Marconi
B) Edison
C) Vent-A-Hood
D) Tesla

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