Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's blowing my mind grapes this morning?

Before I answer, I would like to take a moment to console Celtics fans. I always have liked Ray Allen. Kevin Garnett is from Chicago and has a certain type of charming insanity. Paul Pierce is like Rocky, but with getting fouled instead of getting punched. Rondo, well he's just great.

But what's mind blowing about the Celtics core players? Well, 3 of those players share names with galagos.

The Rondo dwarf galago (coincidentally, the smallest of all galago species)

Allen's galago

The only organisms I can find named Pierce's ___ are Pierce's Disease, which is a bacterial disease that affects grape vines, and Pierce's Pride Tomato, which is an heirloom varietal.

Special thanks to the Princeton Encyclopedia of Mammals, page 306, and coffee, for fostering the need for reading material.

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