Friday, March 26, 2010

What's the loudest tree in a storm?

"Magnolia's the loudest tree there is in a storm," said Doc. - "The Wide Net", Eudora Welty

I tried to verify this, but the closest I could come was this video on youtube, and I was all, "It's a jay and a crow, this video is stupid," until I saw that the only comment is about how the person who posted the video is dead, which is when I saw that all of murphyturf's other videos are of either a pet rabbit named Cocoa or the B52's, which is when I got a little sad, but then I remembered that when I went to ask reddit about the tree, I saw this photo, at which time I thought, "Yes, I believe I've spent enough time on the internet now."


  1. this post made me very confused before i followed the links. after following i still don't understand what the owl on the motorcycle has to do with anything. however, i enjoyed it nonetheless.

  2. Owl on the motorcycle made me not sad, and also sort of disgusted with my internetting.