Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yo Apples and Carrots, why do you always make me hungrier?

She obviously hasn't found it, as she is dusting an apple.

Asking Google pointed to a lot of diet forums where this is a problem. I mean I know the key to not feeling crazy when eating apples and carrots is to eat some protein with it (most of the time it's peanut butter), but come on, why are carrots and apples so effective at stimulating the appetite? The best non-expert opinion I could find on any of these threads is that apples and carrots both have decent amounts of fructose and/or sucrose, which will spike your blood sugar and make you crash if you only eat that. Still, it's different from eating a bunch of candy, which makes my stomach turn sour and definitely doesn't make me extra hungry, and, it's really immediate. I'm just gonna write the question on a paper airplane and throw it at Los Alamos now.

Next up: "Why you gotta be makin' my stomach feel all weird popcorn?" and "Is the Italian Beef the most satisfying sandwich?".

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