Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ian McKellan or Christopher Lee?

Well... though I very much appreciate both Sirs, I have to say that to my knowledge Sir Ian didn't recently record a metal album about the life and times of Charlemagne (You probably saw this in the AVClub Least Essential Albums of 2010, just like me! I would like to point out that with the internet, the frivolous can be enjoyed without paying, which makes it kind of imperative to at least check it out on grooveshark or something. Okay, here's a link to like a minute of it on YouTube ). Nor does he brag about having worked with Man O' War. Oh, and Christopher Lee appears to have stabbed people in WWII.

Then again, Sir Ian claims to have decided to publicly come out by responding to a conservative politician's request for an autograph for his children by signing, "Fuck off, I'm gay," which is pretty awesome.

I think what I'm trying to say is that today I've come to believe that the lives and attitudes of these two actors are eerily similar to those of the wizards they portrayed.

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