Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How's that Mannheim Steamroller album about Saving Wildlife?

Here's a track by track review!

Rhinos and Elephants: Nice.
Dolphins and Whales: Sucks.
Wolfgang Amaedeus Penguin: Blows.
Florida Suite:
*Barbecue: Sucks!
*Everglades: A'ight.
*Sunset: The worst.
Wolves: Okay.
Tamarin Monkeys: Good enough.
Grizzly Bears: Terrible.
Tigers and Lions: Pretty good.
Eagles: Pretty good.
Amanda Panda = Soundtrack to Bloodsport: Not as bad as blinding powder in the eyes.
Harp Seals: Flute.

I was caught off guard by the first track. It (like all of the songs on this album that aren't the worst) sounds like getting stuff done. The ones I like really remind me of parts of Hawkwind or Tangerine Dream albums. The ones I hate sound like Disney specials, because it's Mannheim Steamroller (pan flutes, synth jug bands).

Anyway, here's the Mannheim Steamroller version of Monster Mash. I don't remember having or not having cash being a factor in any of the other versions, but at least they say you DON'T need any "cold hard cash" to do this Monster Mash. Maybe because they knew youtube was coming eventually.

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